Mission Submission Guidelines

Firstly, we like getting new content, thank you for submitting.
Secondly we would ask.
  • That you have tested the mission.
  • That it be your own work.
  • Mission playtime is at least 30 minutes.
We will subject submissions to review before use and we would also ask you to consider the following....
  • To block access to a bot include the word block in its name.


When a user 'takes control' of a bot it results in that bots death (to the game engine) and can be disruptive to gameplay if it ends a wave or mission prematurely.

The best fix we have found is to block the last bot in any given wave and we would ask that you do the same and also on that basis to block any bot that would break gameplay if it were to be destroyed (endless waves etc).

Blocking out over powered bots is left to your own discretion but we may add blocks to certain bots if we receive reports of disrupted gameplay.


  • To make a bot only available to vip gamers then include the word vip in its name


We would request that mission makers make at least some use of the vip command on feature bots or otherwise entirely at their own discretion as a courtesy to ThisLD.


Mission Submission Form

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